We work with all clients

We do not care where the customer is, for which region or country to create a website or where to launch an advertising campaign.

Individual approach to each

Every client is special for us! We select a unique strategy that meets all the requirements of the customer. We answer all questions, explain what, how, why and why.

Full construction сreation of websites, rework existing

You need a website if you have a business in the Internet. This is an unlimited number of customers who want to see beautiful and understandable information about you. Order a site from us, and you will get a convenient service for interacting with customers in the Internet.

Optimization and promotion

Do you have a website, but no customers? Search engines do not see it or it is inconvenient to users, and many other reasons can influence this factor. We suggest you to conduct a full analysis of the site, fix and refine all the shortcomings, as well as make a strategy for the promotion and advertising of the site.

Contextual Advertising

Attracting customers is correctly configured contextual advertising. Creating extensive contextual advertising with a large number of ads without unnecessary inquiries is our task, the result of which is getting customers.

Maintenance in the future

Our mission is to realize the desires of customers. To help them at all stages of developing the business in Internet, from creating websites and launching the first advertising campaigns, to technical support in the future and maintaining existing advertising campaigns, as well as searching for new sources of traffic. We are interested in long-term cooperation.


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Construction in the electric power industry of LLC «RES»
Jewelry store «Bemileo»
Passenger transportation from Saint-Petersburg to Finland «Com Travel»
Sushi and pizza «Hochu est»
Internet-shop «Avtoveshchi»
Internet-shop «EnergoDom»
Dentistry «MOST»
Car service «GIBauto»
Explosion-proof electrical equipment ATELEX
BAA Siberian Health
Paper for printing houses and offices «Roll-paper»
Artistic forging «Levsha»
Printing house «Biznes Ostrov»
Internet-shop of children's goods «Yarenka»
Lasertag AIM
Maksim Matveev's Websait
Real estate agency «Kvadrat»
Landingpages for Residential complex UltraCity, GreenCity, Prinevskij and etc.
STEIT Development
Real estate agency «Muza»



My name is Pavlov Ilya, and I am a Specialist of Contextual Advertising, a programmer, a SEO-specialist, and AssaulteR is my nickname, which I use to when creating sites.

I have been creating websites 10 years - I work with different CMS, and I worked in projects with self-written CMS. The SEO experience is slightly less, but I'm constantly learning and following the innovations and can output sites on HF in TOP-3 and even TOP-1. When websites has being developed, I must account design, texts, functionality and much more... Then I understood that I can not cope with this by self and started to find a successful team. Now in Our team there is a designer, copywriters, SMM specialists and, if necessary, we find helpers on freelanc. Thus, the projects always finished qualitative and on time.

In recent years, contextual advertising has been very actively developing, people receive huge streams of clients from Yandex Direct and Google AdWords to their websites. It would be wrong to stay out of the way, and I studied this field of activity. Now I successfully set up effective campaigns with budgets of various sizes, I am a certified specialist Yandex Direct and Google AdWords.

We will be happy to assist you in promoting your website and attracting more customers to it.


Google и AJAX

Как известно, Google выступил против поддержки устаревшей схемы сканирования AJAX с динамической подгрузкой данных еще 2 года назад. Недавно Джон Мюллер из Google на одной из видеовстреч с вебмастерами повторил, что Google может прекратить сканировать и индексировать такие страницы вообще. Меня удивляет, кто еще использует Ajax для создания САЙТОВ и для генерации целых страниц? Да, […]

Поддержка Google

В который раз ловлю себя на мысли, что надо начать вести свой блог — профессиональный дневник. И сегодняшним постом я дам старт этому движению, каждый день или через день разбор новости или события из сферы IT, сайтостроения, SEO и контекстной рекламы. Первый пост я хочу посвятить не абы кому, а компании Google. Да, корпорация добра, […]

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